Cosmetologist ~ Certified Make-Up Artist

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE:  Apprenticeship & Stylist Hair & Colour Science - Carlton Hair Intl. Los Angeles, Ca. 
 Advance Training -Vidal Sassoon Intl. Beverly Hills ~ 
 Santa Monica, Ca. Stylist: CHARMED SALON San Francisco, Ca. 
 ACA Academy Of Cosmetic Arts Los Gatos, Ca.  

Intro:  I've had the great pleasure and fortunate opportunity to successfully apply my passion, advance training, and years of experience for a beautifully receptive and diverse following in both northern and southern california, with my strict and professional philosophy of client-service excellence, and a continued commitment to deliver the highest quality of work possible through continual education.

Historia:   My affair for the esthetics began at a early age amongst the orange groves and palm trees of suburban southern california, where the summer's are long, and where just about everything seems to move at a bit slower pace, so it made it an ideal place for a excellent day-dreamer like myself to easily escape and wonder about the endless possibilities of how to create my ideal vision, and making it come true... and to embrace these seemingly natural, and yet instinctive curiosities and deep appreciation for the arts, fashion, hair and make-up, in hopes that one day, I could have a place of my own where I could take all of those artistic trait's together, and bring all of my beautiful dreams and concepts to life... so to at long last achieve my ultimate passion and goal of making everything, and everyone around me beautiful!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jesse Noah Garcia